Sunday, April 15, 2012

DC - Day Six


Benjamin and I headed to the Washington, DC temple in the morning. It is a very large temple. Wow. We had a great time there and enjoyed the time together. We even got to walk around the grounds a little bit and purchased some important items at the distribution center.

These doors are hidden around the back and they incorporate the sun, moon, and stars symbolism.

We also spent some time at the visitor's center, which was very nice.

Then we pick up our sweet daughter and we headed to Annapolis. We found a park on the GPS that appeared to be on the water, but it was not what we had expected and we ended up trying to find another one. We ended up at Quiet Waters park and had to pay a small fee to get in. We were this close, we had to see the ocean. Then we drove to the end of the park where we could walk out to a dock and look out over the water. It smelled like the ocean. I was a little scared that Bee would fall in, but she was cautious.

It was relaxing to just sit and watch and listen to the water.

We then took Bee to the park area and let her play on the playground equipment. She was a little shy and did not want to play alone. We played for a while. While we were walking to the park she made up a game. She said: "when I say green, you say grass." Then she would say 'green' and I would say my part. She made lots of different ones up and sometimes they even rhymed. I thought that it was creative.

Then we headed to our friends house, which was the real reason we had come to Annapolis. These were some of our best friends while we were in Iowa and we really miss them. They had had their baby only a week before we were to arrive and they still let us come. They even fed us dinner, read stories to the kids, and played games with us. Good times. Now we miss theme even more. They are a great family and they have three wonderful children.

I received an email from Mallory later and she told me that her middle child, a boy, talks about 'Abby' still and that he has a little crush on her. She loved playing with them and we had so much visiting with them. I am happy that Annapolis is so close to where my parents are.


Tawnya said...

I am so jealous you got to hang out in D.C. and with the stokers!! How fun!

Kimbooly said...

I LOVE the pic with the shadows.