Friday, April 6, 2012

DC - Day Two

Sunday morning we arose early and all took turns getting ready for church. We arrived on time and enjoyed visiting my parents' ward. Bee sat mostly quietly during Sacrament meeting until she needed to use the restroom. My parents no longer have young children so they sit in the front row and it was probably distracting as I had to keep exiting and reentering. We got to the bathroom only to have her miss a little bit. I did not have a backup outfit or underwear with me. We returned to the chapel and I sent Abigail in (with a bare bottom under her dress) to ask her father for the car keys. She did not. Then I had to go in, get the keys, and get the child without exposing her. Luckily I still had some pull-ups in the car. Bee did not like it though and started complaining that it was itching her as soon as we got back into the pew.

I distracted her by pulling out a coloring book. Her current technique for coloring is to press as hard as she can with the purple crayon until she has filled in every possible blank spot. This can be tiring and she gets discouraged when she it takes too long. She asked me to help her color. I start coloring, much lighter and with shading. I am not sure why, but she freaked and basically screamed out that I had RUINED her picture. She was in hysterics. It was her biggest tantrum ever. This was all happening as Sacrament meeting was coming to a close. She was so distraught that she could no longer think rationally and she completely melted down. Benjamin took her out and tried to calm her down. By this time the meeting had ended and the members filed out. We sat in the bench and it took her almost the entirety of the Sunday School hour to regain her composure and to be distracted enough to forget that her picture was 'ruined.' She then went to primary and we were told that she did well. They were talking about God's creatures and she made sure to instruct the class about the pteranodon family.

We had my dad's yummy whole wheat waffles for dinner and then decided to take an impromptu trip downtown. Bee was fascinated by the idea of taking a train and she was so excited. She sat in her Nana's lap and held her with a death grip for the majority of the ride. It was so fun to watch her excited face as she peered out of the window and watched the world fly by. She loved it, but always made sure to hold on tight. 

We saw the Treasury building, monuments, statues of famous people, and several other beautiful architectural buildings. We headed to the White House and almost got to the spot by the fence where you can take a picture of the back of it when a security detail said that the fence was now closed for the foreseeable future, we were literally only a few feet from it. We then had to walk around the entire block to take pictures by the front of the White House. Bee contentedly rode in the stroller for all of this and then at one point she fell asleep. She slept for the rest of our walking tour, on our ride home on the metro, and after we transferred her into the car and then into the house. Vacationing is exhausting. The stroller daily proved to be indispensable on this trip.

It was also awe-inspiring to see the Washington monument, the Jefferson monument, and the Lincoln monument lit up at night. We were also extremely grateful for the nice spring weather that allowed us to spend the evening without coats or even jackets.

The metro proved to be a much less frustrating way to travel. Driving into downtown DC on this particular night would have been near impossible and it made a quick three-hour trip in and back out very feasible.

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