Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

We had lots of fun with Easter Egg Hunts this year. The first was hosted by Sierra and her family. We had a yummy potluck lunch and then scattered eggs all over the yard. The older kids were only allowed to hunt on the left two-thirds of the yard, but they ended up with overflowing baskets. I tried to direct Bee to they younger kids side and she happily picked up eggs. This is the first year that she has really understood the concept of collecting eggs and not just eating them as she went. I did not have to push her, I just had to help her find them. She often would walk right by them without seeing them.
Here they are lined up and waiting to start.

The grass was long and the eggs were sometimes hard to find. Dandelions threw us off too.
These two girls helped each other out and stayed close to each other during the hunt. I found this photograph on Jenny's blog and copied it from there. She has a nice camera and a good eye. She takes beautiful pictures.

Each parent was supposed to bring 15 eggs per child they had. We all brought more than our allotment and we ended up with LOTS of eggs.

Abby carefully opened each egg and we poured all of her treats, toys, and snacks into a plastic bag. I love how Sierra hid a picture of the Savior in the eggs and that the big winner was the one who found it. She did not win the big prize this year like she did last year, but Sophie did.
Fun was had by all.
We had fun another day at Jenny's house with an empty Easter eggs. It's amazing how the kids were just as excited to search for the empty ones. The men covered the backyard with eggs and then the kids ran around filling up their grocery sacks with eggs. We are so blessed to have such great friends. Bee enjoys hanging out with all her wonderful friends as well. She goes through phases as to who is her favorite, but she loves them all.

The following pictures were all taken by Blaine:

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