Monday, April 30, 2012


As Easter approached we made sure to continue the egg dying tradition. I enjoy coloring eggs and went a little overboard with all of the color options this year. I had purchased several egg dying sets on sale in previous years and I combined colors and expanded my selection. Bee is still a little young to really appreciate egg dying. Benjamin, however, really got into it this year. He even printed out pictures for inspiration. I love color and enjoyed this immensely.

Here she is waiting for the eggs to dry. Egg dying really is meant for older children, like me. :)

So many pretty colors.

I did not want all of my beautiful paints to go to waste, so we pulled out some brushes and paper. She kept herself happily entertained painting masterpieces.

The Nauvoo Star

Nauvoo Sunstone

Once the eggs were dry, our little organizer played with them and kept them in line. She also dropped most of them at various points between the dying, drying, and organizing process, so we had lots of cracked eggs. The Easter Bunny still hid them and we still ate them.


joyous said...

Love it! I have to say that this was the first year that I enjoyed egg dying with my children and it was still a bit stressful with the 3yrold. But it definitely is for older children, like us. :)

Lonna said...

I absolutely love the new picture of Bee that is at the beginning of the blog. Was that her Easter dress? She looks so happy.

Jenny said...

How fun! I love all the little OCD things she does that you capture.