Sunday, April 22, 2012


I headed to Indianapolis during my spring break. Benjamin still had to work, but I had the week off from school and seminary. I went to visit my college roommate one more time before they finish their dental registry. I wanted to let E. and Bee play and I wanted to meet their new daughter, A. It was one of the more economic trips that I have ever taken. We packed, got in the car, drove three hours, and were there.

This was so quick and easy compared to the previous trip to DC. The girls played well together and it was so much fun to see Elda again. Her baby is so perfect. She rarely cries, she sleeps well, she is extremely happy, and she loved me. 

Both girls are SO beautiful.

We took the girls downtown to the State Museum.

They enjoyed all of the hands-on activities, as did we. They  were happily entertained for hours.
This train exhibit reminded Bee of her favorite TV show, the Dinosaur Train.

This activity showed how much force was required to grind corn. She stayed at it for a few minutes.

They sat in the tractor and watched footage of a corn field being harvested. It must have been very interesting.

Another tractor.

If you think she looks like a natural, it's because she was born in Iowa.
We somehow managed to fit all three car seats in my car and safely get to and from the museum. Baby A. was content in the stroller and the two girls ran from exhibit to exhibit. Bee ran so hard that she got a blister from her new shoes. She changed into a whimpering child and her "boo-boo" made it impossible for her to do anything from then on. She didn't want shoes and fought a band-aid. She wasn't happy again until later when I finally tricked her and got a band-aid on her. Then I put socks and shoes on and she was fine again for the fun evening activities.

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