Monday, April 16, 2012

Last Day in DC - Day Seven

Although this was Benjamin's spring break, he still had lots of work to do. He, sadly, decided that he had to stay home this day and grade midterms. My mom had a break from piano lessons that day and she joined us on our trip to the zoo, which is part of the Smithsonian museums. There was lots and lots of walking involved and not near as many animals to see as we had expected.We had fun, though, and we wore ourselves out. Many thanks to my mom for letting me walk her legs off this week. 

Somehow we lost this hat at the zoo. Boo to toddlers who do not hold on to their possessions.

This elephant shrew was her favorite animal at the zoo. She stared at the long nose for a long, long time. My favorite was the chimpanzee, who put on quite a show for us.

Here she is pretending to be a prairie dog. Unfortunately she was too short to pop up into the bubbles. She spent the whole time pretending she was in a nest, taking care of the babies.

Despite taking her to a zoo in an effort to show her the live animals, she still was fascinated by the Dinosaurs. She loved this T-rex skull.

They do not make shirts long enough. Her shirts never seem to cover her belly. I wish she would stop growing.  Not really, but sometimes it would be nice to keep her small.

This photograph makes me laugh every time. She's so silly.

I love this photo: the colors, the frog, everything.

She fell asleep in the stroller towards the end and we snapped this shot of her as we were exiting.
We were exhausted and hot by this time and found a yummy yogurt restaurant across the street. We filled up our bowls with lots of yogurt and yummy toppings. Bee slept through it all. We took our yogurts outside to eat them. Nana did not think it was fair that Bee miss out on the dessert, so she tried to wake her up (crazy, I know, why wake a sleeping child?) by putting wet, cold, yogurt on her lips. Bee did not even acknowledge it or stir. I later had to wipe it off her lips. We then walked back to the metro station where we had to wait in a long line to be able to take the elevator down. All of the babies in strollers were sound asleep. We made it back home safe and sound and spent the evening packing, chatting, setting up Skype on my parents' computer, and letting Bee play in the playroom one last time.

We left for home on Saturday, and the drive was uneventful. We made good time and were all in pretty good moods. Bee had fun with her new toys, including a toy dinosaur her dad bought her at one of the museums. We even stopped at a Sam's club and bought some food to get us by for the weekend.

Thanks so much to everyone who made our trip great. We had so much fun and loved seeing everybody and everything. Special thanks to my parents for housing and feeding us, for touring with us, and for watching the little one for us.


K-Krew said...

Glad you had a fun trip! You've given me lots of good ideas. When we go down for the day we only have time for the temple and maybe the park. The kids usually end up just wanting to stay and play at Aunt Linda's. Hope we're able to meet up with you the next time you're in town.

Lonna said...

I do believe that your frog photograph could win some kind of prize!

It was so awesome to have you here with us. We loved it!