Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Organization is Key

When I was growing up I always remember my parents having shelves and shelves of books. They used cinder blocks on boards as bookshelves. This was an inexpensive and effective way to store all of their books. Over the years they have moved many times and they have downsized their books considerably. My mom found other uses for the shelves and created a playroom in her sun room. She made it soon after she moved in, back in November, and told me it was all ready for us to come visit (many months ahead of time). She ended up using it earlier than our visit as she uses it to entertain the siblings' of her piano students. It works perfectly. She has lots of fun toys and the sun room has a door than can be closed. On our recent visit, Bee loved the playroom and spent so much time in there playing.
When we arrived home, one of my first goals was to recreate the shelving idea. Seriously, we had only been home one day and this is what I dedicated my time to.

We had inherited some cinder block shelves from a retired professor here at the college and had been using it in the basement. I brought everything upstairs, set it up how I wanted it, and then put the toys in their spots. Bee loves it and surprisingly enough, the playroom has been clean for weeks. She does so well at putting the toys back where they go when she has a place for each item. Success. I did not purchase anything to make this. My friend suggested that I paint the boards, or cover them somehow, which would probably look better; maybe I will some day.

I removed the "changing table" from the room and Bee has had so much fun playing in it. She pretends that it is a car.

She also likes to be organized. I snapped a picture of this group of ponies plus a zhu zhu pet. Later she came and asked that I take a picture of it.  This time there was a new addition.

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