Saturday, April 21, 2012


I have not spent much time on Pinterest because it is too overwhelming. There are too many cute things, too many crafty ideas. I just cannot handle looking at it. I have pinned a few things and I get on there once or twice a month, but that's all I can emotionally handle. There are so many creative  ideas out there. I prefer to go there when I am looking for something specific, instead of just browsing for more things to occupy my time.

A few months back I found this idea on there and decided to try it. I saved it and read through the instructions. I am glad I did because when I went back recently to re-read the instructions, the links no longer worked.

Inexpensive, good looking photo display
The author created this photo display using styrofoam, black fabric, spray glue, and photo prints. I tried to copy the process as best as I could remember.
Here's one of the first of many template designs.

 I bought the Styrofoam sheet at Lowe's and had them cut it into smaller pieces that would fit into my car. Styrofoam is hard to cut and the employee did a horrible job. I had to avoid all of his edges as I was cutting my squares. Luckily I had more than enough Styrofoam to work with. I tried to cut it first with a razor blade and that was not successful. The original author had her husband cut hers on his saw. I ended up using a handsaw with relative success.

Then I wrapped them in black fabric which I stapled on. A professional grade stapler would have worked better than the grade-school one that I had did. I used an iron to make the corners lay nice and flat.

I bought picture hangers from the store and attached them with hot glue.  High-tech, I know, but I did get the idea from the author of the original post.

One of the hardest part was choosing which pictures to use.

We have plaster walls and I was not willing to deal with that, so I attached them to the wall using Command  hooks with the removable sticky. Genius. I even removed some and then re positioned them to make it blend better.

The angle on our stairway makes it difficult to get a good picture of the final product. It looks pretty good, as long as you don't look too close. These are some of my favorite pictures and I love to look at them everyday. The good news is that I can glue a new picture on top of the old one any time I want to replace them.

Thank you Pinterest. Now that I can check one project off of my list, I can go back on Pinterest and pick one, and only one, more project to work on.


Jansen Family said...

What a wonderful idea! I do like pinterest because it's such an easy way to "bookmark" ideas I see on people's blogs. I'll agree, though, that the massive amount of good ideas can get overwhelming! Still, I think you did an amazing job on your wall!!


Tawnya said...

I love it! Way to go! And using pinterest wisely, not getting too many ideas. Love it!

joyous said...

Very fun!!! I love that idea. :)