Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Break in DC - Day 5


I probably should have blogged about this sooner as the details have already gotten fuzzy. I hope that the following post is an accurate record of what we did this day. :)

We went to the American History museum in the morning. Benjamin and I split up and looked at different exhibits. Bee enjoyed playing on the IPod while being pushed in the stroller. She paid little attention to the museum exhibits and was content to ride. I did get her to touch a display of bison hair.

We ate our bagged lunches in the museum cafe and rested our weary feet. Bee noticed signs advertising ice cream and we promised to get her some during the day.

We also made another quick trip to the Natural History museum to see the dinosaurs one more time.

Then we headed out to walk along the Mall. This was the day to visit all of the famous monuments. The weather was great and the Cherry Blossoms did not disappoint.

I LOVE this one. She poses much better when she's stuck up in a tree and is too scared to move.

This is what she did most of the time we were trying to take pictures.

We then got some hot dogs and the promised ice cream.

Lincoln monument.

She was a little oblivious to the importance of this monument. Here she is happily coloring in her Little Pony coloring book. Notice Lincoln looking over in the background.

Don't prick your finger.

On our walk to the Jefferson memorial, we had the option to detour through the FDR memorial. I am so glad that we did. It was beautifully done and we enjoyed it. The monument was an outdoors park that was full of trees, water features, statues, stone, and quotes, all memorializing FDR and his work to help the American people.

Here we were standing a few feet from a journalist doing a live (okay, maybe taped?) broadcast about the Cherry Blossom Festival and the number of people out and about. 

Jefferson monument.

Hopefully this picture captures, to some extent, how the Cherry trees ringed the entire area. 
We walked all the way back to the nearest metro stop and rode home. My mom prepared a nice dinner and we had a relaxing evening and even played some Boggle. That's my kind of perfect day, except, maybe with a little less walking. Maybe I could buy a double stroller and Benjamin could push the two of us.

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