Saturday, April 7, 2012

Washington DC - Day Three

The anticipated day finally arrived. We headed to the butterfly museum early Monday morning. Actually, it was not too early. One of my favorite things about DC is that none of the museums open until 10 a.m., this made the trip much more enjoyable. Although I missed my Seminary students and wished them the best with their substitutes, it was nice to sleep in a little for a week.

Benjamin and I got up on Monday morning and went for a short jog around the neighborhood. My parents' neighborhood is extremely hilly and it was more than I could handle. My ankles were sore for the next two days. I did not go jogging again during the trip. I figured that six hours of walking a day was enough. Benjamin, being the dedicated one, went jogging three more times. His ankles did not get sore until Thursday, but then he finally understood what I was talking about. The hills worked the glutes too. It was nice when we returned home to run on relatively flat surfaces again.

My dad took the day off of work and we all went first to the Natural History museum. Nana and Bee went into the butterfly house and enjoyed the breathtaking perfection of the butterflies. The ones I saw through the window were beautiful. Bee was enthralled and stayed in there for quite a while.

Look how close she is.

This cocoon display was her favorite part, she even had to hug it.

I watched a movie about evolution while seated next to this handsome guy.
 The dinosaur section was Bee's other favorite part. She has been on a dinosaur kick recently and talks about them all of the them. The only hard part for her was that she was expecting to see live dinosaurs. We got there and she said: 'these are bones, these dinosaurs died.' Poor thing, no one wants to learn that her idols are all extinct. Her current future plan is: to turn ten, to be a paleontologist, then a student, and then a mom.

I asked her which dinosaur she wanted a picture with and she chose the stegosaurus.
Nana and Papa then took her to the mammal hall while we explored other exhibits. It was so nice to have grandparents to pawn the child off onto. We loved it and they seemed to love it. It was a win-win.

Learning about weights at the air and space museum.

We ate our peanut butter sandwich lunch behind the original Smithsonian building. The weather was gorgeous and the landscaping was beautiful. We saw lots of cherry blossoms, tulips, and hyacinths.

We also went to the Air and Space Museum and saw lots of great exhibits. At one point we went up into a rocket that was somehow part of a space station. The exhibit allowed you to walk in and through the rocket to see how the astronauts lived. Daddy was holding Bee as we descended the stairs and prepared to enter the rocket. She immediately tensed. Benjamin asked her what was wrong and she adamantly declared that she did not want to go into space. Oh the imagination of a three-year-old. While waiting in line for the rocket I took some sweet pictures of my parents. Their poor feet were worn out by this time. Apparently we walk too fast. Here they were sitting and waiting for us as we went through some of the museum. Notice my dad's camera. He took lots of pictures this trip, many of these are his.

Ben's reason for visiting this museum was to show the rest of us this original Enterprise model on display in the basement gift shop. I loved the gift shop here. I am not usually tempted by gift shops, but there were lots of awesome things in this one. He remembers his father-in-law teasing him that the original plane that the Wright brothers flew is upstairs, but all Ben wanted to see was the Star Trek spaceship.
 After the museums we headed back to the metro. My parents went home, exhausted, and we headed up to Gaithersburg to visit Benjamin's aunt and family. The ride was about forty-five minutes long. Bee entertained herself with the ipod and with her coloring book. I did not 'help' this time.

C. and Bee out back.

I pulled this picture off of facebook. Jeri posted it there to make everyone else jealous. :)
We did not take any pictures, but that means that we enjoyed the trip. They have four children. The oldest is a boy who is so grown up and was great to talk with. The other three girls were are cute and were so helpful with Bee. We loved their organized community. It had most of the necessary resources included within it and within walking distance. They even have a Mormon church there.

We got to go to a park with the kids and then we had a fabulous lasagna for dinner and crepes for the picky girl who didn't want pasta. The girls had so much fun playing together. Bee loved their ponies and their toys. The girls thought that she was hilarious. At one point, while sitting at the dinner table, Abigail said "I'm so cute, isn't that cool?" Caroline loved that and repeated it to everyone. They also had fun taking video of her talking and telling stories with their iphone. She is entertaining.

She stayed awake on the metro ride home and played some more on the ipod. I have found several preliteracy skills apps and the practice has improved her letter writing and her sound recognition. She also likes Angry Birds and now consistently gets the birds to head in the right direction. She laughs when she gets a pig.

It was a fun and full day. I happily fell asleep on the air mattress as soon as we got back.

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Benjamin said...

Small correction: it was my stepfather, not my father-in-law, that teased me about eight years ago about prioritizing the Enterprise over the Wright brothers plane. What can I say? Priorities are priorities, after all.