Sunday, May 6, 2012

Easter Sunday

I had contemplated having the Easter Bunny come on Saturday in an effort to keep Sunday more focused on the Savior. However, I returned from my Indianapolis trip Friday afternoon and needed more time. 
We woke up Sunday morning, early, and found the following note: 

Dear Abigail,
Hoppy Easter! Today is a special day when you can celebrate Jesus Christ and His wonderful life. I have left some special presents for you to find today. First you must dress up in your Easter dress and then you’ll receive your first clue. Have fun! Love, The Easter Bunny

She happily dressed and even let me straighten her hair a little bit. Here is the final result.

Then I handed her the first clue:
Clue #1
Your first gift is hidden in the room where your mom teaches the seminary students about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Search well and collect any eggs that you find along the way.  Don’t forget your basket. Hoppy hunting! Love, The Easter Bunny 

 Clue #2
Next, hop to the room where you eat your lucky breakfast. Here is hidden another surprise. It’s eggciting! Love, The Easter Bunny
Look at us all matchy-matchy. It wasn't planned.

Clue #3
There are lots of eggs along the path, fill your basket as you hunt. Now head outside where bunnies like to run and play. I had some fun swinging in your swings and sliding down your slide. There I hid another special gift for you.
The Easter Bunny

This $.25 dinosaur proved to be her favorite gift this year. She loves dinosaurs right now. 

 Clue #4
Good job. You’ve hunted well! You’ve done eggsactly what you needed to. Now head to the family room and hop around until the last present is found. Love, The Easter Bunny

There was another Easter basket in the living room with a chocolate bunny, a stuffed dinosaur, some candy, and a large soft Aurora doll that she had really wanted one month earlier. Apparently the egg hunt was much more fun and she showed little to no interest in these gifts. She was bummed that there were not more eggs to collect. We caught her lack of enthusiasm on video, we also caught footage of a surprise visitor.
Kudos to the Easter Bunny for the fun egg hunt, it was eggsactly what Bee needed. I think we'll have a talk with all of the holiday characters and recommend more scavenger type hunts.
We had so much fun and really enjoyed the day. We arrived to church with extra time (we were all dressed by 7 a.m.) and loved the Easter messages.
Then we were invited to Easter dinner at a friends house. Here are the name cards that I made. My photography skills (or lack thereof) did not accurately capture the color of these nests. The kids loved them. Bee helped me place all of the "eggs."
Happy Easter everyone!


Shelly said...

CUTE!! Love the dress as well. Great scavenger hunt.

Kimbooly said...

Jeffrey and Bryce hid over 120 eggs (with like 2 jellybeans apiece), and we still kept taking them out of the basket and throwing them back on the ground for Carter to find. Kids love egg hunts. My kids have also done egg hunts for weeks before Easter (with empty eggs), even with neighbor kids. They all love it.

And I keep meaning to tell you I love that dress!

Tawnya said...

Love the clues! And the cute dress.