Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!!

My family spoiled me today, of course. We arose early and had lots of time to prepare ourselves for church. We made it early. Benjamin made crepes for breakfast and had cards and presents on the table as well.

Bee was whiny and cranky as church began, so when one of the Young Women invited her to sit with them, I happily agreed. We had a relaxing, uplifting meeting with no little one to keep quiet. It was nice.

The primary children sang songs and during Sacrament Meeting. Then their kind leader dedicated sharing time to preparing gifts for the mothers. They wrote information about us to their best abilities and then they drew us pictures. They also gave us a gift bag with flower seeds and chocolate in it. I loved my gifts.

It's interesting to see how my three-year-old sees me. She's right on the chocolate one.

Not to be outdone, the Elders Quorum President spent his lesson teaching the men about the importance of treating their wives well and appreciating them for their worth. They watched the Johnny Lingo movie to remind them about Mahana and the eight cows, and then he sent them all home with a gift bag for their wives. In it was this mirror and pink flower clip, oh, and some more chocolate. It took me several tries to get my face in the mirror for this picture.
I thought that it was a funny idea. I'm still laughing about it. Thanks Sierra and Blaine.


joyous said...

What a great wife that EQ president has to help him put together that gift. ;) I'm glad to hear that you were treated so well!!

Kimbooly said...

Haha. Cute!