Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Benjamin recently took Bee on a daddy-daughter date to a state historical landmark, Fork Harrodsburg. Here are some of the pictures that he took. It was one of the first settlements west of the Cumberland gap. He also said something about Abraham Lincoln's parents having been married here. I do not remember what I did in their absence, but I'm sure I enjoyed myself, while also missing them both immensely, of course.


Jenny said...

I love the new blog header! She's adorable. And I think it's cute the places Ben decides to take Abigail.

Benjamin said...

She's cursed with a geek for a father, what can I say? Or cursed to live in central Kentucky where Fort Harrodsburg is simply the most exciting thing to do. ;-) Maybe a little of both?

But yes - that last picture of the church is where Lincoln's parents were married. It didn't look that fancy. Inside is a log cabin house where they got married and lived for a few years before moving further west where Lincoln was born a few years later.

joyous said...

What a fun daddy! And I keep forgetting to comment on how cute that picture of Bee at the top of the blog really is. The dress is just adorable! I'm a sucker for bright pink. ;)