Monday, May 7, 2012


Dressed for church on a Sunday. All in white. I added mousse to her hair and tried to make it curly.

Here her eyes clearly show the genetic tendency that my family members have where one eyes is always a little more open than another. My dad and my sister have it the strongest, but my eyes do it as well and so do Bee's.

This picture doesn't accurately capture her excitement for the stickers. Notice how her notebook is bulging from all of the stickers. We have been in a sticker phase recently. This is what her hair looks like most days.

We're pretty proud of this photo. Bee loves online computer games and is adept at using the mouse. Sometimes she accidentally clicks out of her game and then we have to get up from wherever we are to fix it. I was headed to take a shower and wanted to make sure she was entertained the whole time so I opened two different pages in the hopes that it one was lost, she could play on the other. She capitalized on this opportunity and found that she could watch movies on the left screen while playing games on the right. In this photo she is actually playing two games. The left is a dinosaur train game off of where you seat the passengers on the train, feed them, punch their ticket, etc. and the game on the right is a coloring page from She is already a talented multi-tasker.

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Benjamin said...

Ha! That last picture is awesome.

We should try to post a video of her playing the pre-reading Spanish activities on the ipod.