Thursday, May 10, 2012

Precious Sunday

I wanted to take a nap. I actually was taking a nap when Benjamin called me down to let me know he had to head out to visit some people for church. Bee was playing outside and wanted me to play with her. That's all she wants nowadays. I can play with her one-on-one for an hour and then she will cry if I try to stop and do something else. 

I took my pillow and blanket outside hoping that I could rest while she played. She sat as near to me as possible and pushed the dinosaurs and the ponies into my face. Her sweet little requests won me over and I played with her. She looked so precious that I had to run inside at one point to get the camera.

I always love her eyelashes.

She is barefoot and I love how she is using her arms to balance here.

Here she was digging in the dirt and finding fossils. Then she would  "bring them" to me and it was my job to tape them together. All she really did was flip dirt around everywhere. I want to get her a sandbox.

I love this picture. Sweet innocence of childhood. She's coloring in her book, another thing that she's really excited about right now. Her coloring skills have improved 200% in the past week.

These beautiful flowers are all in bloom in the backyard right now.

This is what I was trying to do. She took this picture.
 Benjamin took her for a walk in the afternoon and then went downtown and climbed a parking garage so that they could get an aerial view of the town.These are some of the pictures that he took.

I LOVE this one.

As soon as they got back, she looked him sweetly in the eyes and asked if he would play with her. She needs someone to play with besides her parents. Maybe I can talk Benjamin into a cat. Here's hoping.

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