Saturday, May 12, 2012


We had a couple of difficult weeks back in April. Bee came down with a cold and gave it to both of us. While she recovered within a few days, we were out for about a week and a half. The fluid did not drain from our ears for several weeks. This cold came with a sore throat, fatigue, coughing, congestion, and mild fevers. We decided to go to the doctor to see if it was strep. We went and made appointments for Benjamin and myself. Bee seemed fine. We took her with us and she was in a great mood. She played and played in the waiting room. She read magazines to herself, played with her ponies, hopped around, etc. She was fine.

The doctor concluded that our colds were viral and that we needed to continue to manage our symptoms with over-the-counter medicine. At my request he looked in Bee's ears, just in case. He then told us that she had double ear infections and that we needed to make an appointment for her and that he would prescribe antibiotics. Figures. We had to continue to tough it out miserably for the next week while she gleefully ran circles around us.

I finally went back and they gave me antibiotics out of pity. We went to a quick care center and our total visit was two hours. Bee was perfectly well behaved and we played and played while waiting for the doctor. She has been so happy lately. I had a small notebook with me and gave it to her while we were waiting. First she scribbled some and then she drew some circles, lines, etc. and told me that it was her friend C. Then she proceeded to draw all of her friends and their parents. She also drew me.
 I look a little frenzied, but am proud of her for the effort. She started with the eyes, then the mouth, and then drew the head. The arms and the legs come out of the head. She started (on the right) drawing short, spiky hair, but then she looked at me and changed her mind. She then drew long hair. I was so impressed. I asked her to write my name, mom. She drew two upside down M's at the top. Then she drew two O's near my legs. She started on another M but only decided to draw half of it.

Then she moved on to her father. He got the spiky hair.
She wrote out  D A D and then drew lines to connect them. Then she wanted to write daddy. Phonetically it ends with an EEE sound, so she wrote and E. I told her it ended in a Y so she drew a Y above the D where there was some room to write. So cute.

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Benjamin said...

I'm insanely proud of my daughter for her budding literacy skills.