Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yard Sale

Here in Kentucky they call them yard sales, but I grew up saying garage sale. We recently had a fundraiser garage sale/bake sale for my MOPS group. It was very successful. Bee and I went on Friday morning to help with everything. It was a chilly morning and the children were whinier than usual. She kept asking if we could go home. Once it warmed up, they played in the yard for hours and she did not want to leave after having been there for 4.5 hours. I think that yard sales are too much work, but in this case the work was split between many moms and I was glad to have been a part of it.

I made several dozen cookies. I made some oatmeal M&M chocolate chip ones and I made my favorite chocolate Rolo cookies. Unfortunately, I am on a crazy no sugar four week diet right now. I was proud of myself for making all of those cookies and not even licking my fingers. The cookie dough sure looked good.

I did pacify her with games on the IPOD. She voluntarily shared it with her friend I.

Here they were hiding in the bushes waving leaves. When I got closer, I realized that the Easter message must have sunk in because they were saying Hosanna to the King as they waved their leaves.

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