Sunday, June 3, 2012

Forever Spring

Spring is so wonderful. We love playing outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. I do not think that I ever experienced a longer or more perfect spring in my lifetime. The weather is one of the definite perks of living in Kentucky. 
She is always finding things to balance on and to run around. Circles fascinate her.

We were able to get the pool out early this year. The acrons aren't falling yet, so the pool stayed relatively free of debris. I ade the little ones wash there feet in a small container before they entered the larger pool. the boys really enjoyed themselves. Bee was against getting splashed and mostly stayed away from the boys. At one point, though, she took a large cup of water and poured it over little N's head. He was pretty shocked.

Afterwards she happily dumped most of the water from the pool onto this plant. It's doing well. 

When the weather is nice I try to take ourselves and a blanket outside so that we can enjoy nature. We color, read books, play dinosaurs, and just enjoy being outside. Here I was trying sleep while she played. She pretended to sleep as well. She did not remain in this position for very long. I did not get to sleep.

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Kimberly Wilson said...

I really want to get one of those vinyl "blankets" that is specifically meant for sitting it out on a school lawn or at a sports game, or in the backyard. They're supposed to be easy to clean off.