Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Most Perfect Day Ever, Almost

One morning I decided to bike to the local park for a picnic. I made up a yummy portable lunch, loaded the little one into the bike trailer, and headed out the garage door. The cool air was perfect. We rode around the park twice and then parked in a small grove of trees. We spread out the blanket and enjoyed the morning. It was so idyllically perfect, just like out of a storybook. everything about it was beautiful. I loved watching her and playing with her. She was in a great mood and was happy as she had ever been in that park, even though we were not near the playground, the ducks, or any toys.

She made a mushroom family collection.

We ran around, and we also spent a lot of time flying from spot to spot.

At one point she ran to me from a distance with something hidden behind her back. Then she presented with me a bright yellow dandelion. It was the sweetest thing ever.

I did not capture this sweet offering the first time, luckily she did it a second time. Isn't she precious. I will always treasure the memories from this simple picnic in the park.

The only thing that could have improved this day would have been Benjamin's presence.

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