Sunday, June 10, 2012

Still Cute

This is how she stays entertained upstairs while I teach seminary down. 

Here she is resting on my knee while watching her favorite television program, the Dinosaur Train.

It is rare to catch her beautiful smile on camera.

Hair elastics as rings

She indepently wrote out the letters from the alphabet and then presented them to her father.  The 'f' is in the top left corner and the 'g' is horizontal and  lowercase.

The T-rex family. Notice their three-toed feet
Chomping down on watermelon.

This is her version of a pteranodon. She pretends to be a pteranodon at least five to six times each day.

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Lauren Michelle said...

I have finally become familiar with the pteronadon family. It all makes sense now. Now, if only I can become as good of a dragon trainer as her- I might make it.