Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Fun

We've packed this summer with lots of activities thus far. I've been so busy playing that I have not recorded much here on the blog, yet. Be prepared for the deluge. My goal is to have one post a day for most of July and that will just be playing catch up.

It would not be summer without a little water fun. We let the children play while we filled up water balloons. I enjoy water balloons but am always annoyed by how long it takes to fill them up. We spent at least half an hour filling up the balloons only to have the children use them all up within three minutes. Wow.

We gave N. one of the reject balloons. It had a small hole and he enjoyed drinking the water.

Three minutes of entertainment.

Once we were out of balloons, we decided to soak the kids with the hose. Bee was the only one interested in this activity, the boys were too scared. She really got into it and would let Sierra spray directly on her.

Summer weather had not yet arrived and we started feeling cold about this time. We had to find her some substitute clothing to wear for the rest of the day.

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