Monday, June 4, 2012

We Finally Took the (Expensive) Plunge

We upgraded to smartphones with a data plan. Benjamin has been avoiding this as long as possible. He has done considerable research in the past few months and has since jumped with both feet into the mobile/digital age. We went to the Sprint store to update our plans and Bee efficiently entertained herself for the hour or so that we were there working out all of the particulars.

We LOVE our new phones and their many capabilities. I spend a lot of my time playing Scramble with others and mostly use my phone for time-wasting purposes. Benjamin is even more addicted to his phone, but, you can expect, he mostly uses it to be more efficient with his time. He chose the Galaxy Nexus phone because of its ability to sync everything with Google. I originally chose the iphone but returned it after three days and also got the Galaxy Nexus. I miss a few things about the iphone but most of the time I am so glad that I switched.

There are so many apps out there for so many different purposes. We enjoy searching them out and have found lots of educational apps that are teaching Bee to read. My only complaint is that the phones use a lot of battery and have to be charged often. They are not very useful if you are out in the middle of nowhere with no way to charge your phone. I guess we'll need to look into solar chargers for our next camping trip. We won't be able to afford it though now that our monthly cell phone bill rivals our mortgage. ;)


Tawnya said...

so cool!

Rachel said...

lets FaceTime again, soon!!!

Kimberly Wilson said...

I looked at the Galaxy; I am holding out for the HTC EVO 4G LTE to come down in price; sorry I didn't know you were looking at getting new phones; I was told this week (June 18thish) that on the 21st the new Galaxy is coming out, and the sprint store representative told me that he suspects the price is going to come down on them. Because I seriously considered the Samsung Galaxy myself. Rob has the HTC 4G that came out, brand new, last September, and it's not even offered anymore. Now things are moving toward LTE (4G stands for 4th generation, not internet speed, for the new HTC EVO)