Monday, July 9, 2012


2/2012 "I braved your hair mommy. Did you brave my hair?" (braid)

2.10.12 While riding a rocking horse and pretending it was a princess horse, with crown and all, she said: “I’m riding to the promised land.”

2.13.12 "What? What? What?" She asks this all of the time, ad nauseum or maybe ad frustrateum.

2.13.12 I traded the car at Centre with Benjamin so that I could go to the gym. When he returned to trade me back, she said “ you came back to me mommy. I sure do love you.”

2.13.12 Good bye, Miss Abby. “Good bye, miss daddy.” She thought that she was being so funny here and refused to call him Mr. Daddy as he requested.

2.13.12 Today she was playing grocery shopping. She took an upside down cardboard box and pushed it to the pantry. Then she loaded it up with groceries and took them over by the sink to her “house.” Here she proceeded to tell herself that she needed to eat her vegetables before she could have a treat. So she opened up a bag of croutons and began munching. Then she brought me the bag of marshmallows and asked me to open them. She argued that she had eaten her vegetables and now could have her treat.

2.26.12 "I'm out of batteries. I can't run anymore." While outside on a walk/chase with Mom and Dad.

3.10.12 While trying to figure out how death works and after seeing a dead bird be buried, she matter-of-factly declared to her mom: “When my body doesn’t move anymore then I will be dead and you will be sad.”

3.10.12 “ouch-a-daisy”

3.11.12 “oh my, oh dear, o my grosscious” Cat in the hat

3.12.12 She speaks with a southern accent on the vowels.

3.11.12 “Why? Why? Why? What?”

3/12 Ouch-a-licious.

3/14 Sierra Hicks
“While in the car this morning my friends daughter who I am babysitting kept telling me about a giant spider
sitting next to me. I kept listening just thinking she was being silly. Finally at a red light she insisted that I
look at the spider and I turn and there is a huge real spider about an inch from my ARM. Eek!
.” –Sierra.  Sierra said that she also described the size, color,etc. of the spider. However, in Sierra’s defense, Abigail is always imagining that there are dragons, dogs, cats, etc. in the car with us and happily tells us about all of them.

3/24/12 "why did the dinosaurs all die, daddy?" "that's a good question - we're not sure" "it's not a question, daddy. It's a hypothesis. And we can test it."

3/22/12 after looking at the pictures in a book and ‘reading’ the story she said: “this story was made possible by…” Too much PBS?

4/28/12 - "you're distressing me." When she did not get her way.

4/15/12 We told Abigail that if she did not obey she would earn a time out. Her response: "I don't want a time out. I'm distressed. Mommy, daddy, my energy is drained.”

5/17/12 "Will you share daddy with me, mommy? I'll give daddy back when I'm done marrying him."

5/18/12 “Well mom, that sure was one squishy hug.”

5/18/12 “Mom is amazing”. Spoken to dad, randomly.

5/20/2012 – “I am a fish eater, I am a fishivore.” Spoken while playing with her pteranodon stickers.

7/6/2012 – “I’m not nocturnal. I’m turnal. I go out in the day.”


Lauren Michelle said...

Everyone in this building thinks I am crazy now, thanks to my random outbursts of extreme laughter. She cracks me up! Yesterday when we were playing ponies/blocks she said. "Lauren, you do not have a very good pony voice." So, I had to start playing the farm animals and the people (all 25 of which were living in the same house with the zoo animals, the ponies get their own house of course). When I went to talk like the tiger, she interrupted me to tell me that tigers do not talk, they only roar.

Lonna said...

I laughed and laughed! I loved the "hypothesis" and the "turnal". That's my sweet grandbaby girl!!

Kimberly Wilson said...

I love it all. How do I pick a favorite???