Sunday, July 1, 2012

Family Camp Out

This year we head to the Cumberland Gap for our annual family camping trip. We packed light and enjoyed a relatively easy trip. We decided to forego the cooking equipment and packed meals that could be eaten directly from the cooler. This actually worked out in our favor. We did not pack firewood as there are lots of laws about moving firewood from one location to another. We expected to purchase firewood at the campground. We arrived there and were told that there was not firewood for purchase, but lots of free firewood where they had been clearing debris. The bad news was that it had been raining for days and the firewood was all soaked. We never did get a roaring fire going with that damp wood.

We chose, of course, a locale of historical significance in the country. 

We chose, of course, a locale of historical significance in the country. We enjoyed the museum and learning more about the gap, the pioneers that passed through it, and the tunnel that was created through the mountain to help preserve the original historical trail.

 Bee was especially interested in a cannon that was on display in the museum. It was one of the few things that she has mentioned since.

Our campground was okay. The ground was moist, though, and this forest was blanketed in poison ivy.  We went during the week and avoided crowds. We had the place to ourselves.

My vain attempts at lighting wet wood.

Somebody stole the camera and somebody else was tired.

Here are the 'paradises' that I talked Bee in to creating. One is for spiders, one is for worms, and I do not remember the rest. We got the idea from when we took Denali camping years ago and she made snail paradises. Great way to keep a child entertained.

Marshmallows. I left the graham crackers at home on the counter.

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