Friday, July 6, 2012

First Day

One of my goals this trip was to continue my exercise routine and to not lose the momentum that I've had since January. Everything worked out perfectly. Bee was so thrilled to be with her extended family that she had no interest whatsoever in her parents. When she woke up in the morning, she would bypass our room without even saying hello and then head upstairs. She was in heaven. We enjoyed it too. I was able to go jogging many mornings. Running is easier when not pushing the jogging stroller. When it was too cold outside, which it was most mornings, I could go to Lora's gym. 

The scenery was gorgeous and it was nice on my lungs to jog without the humidity. My skin was pretty dry by the end of the trip, though.

Grandma surprised us by offering to take Bee to work with her. I am not sure how productive anybody was that day at work. Bee enjoyed herself at the glass factory. She got a tour of the warehouses and collected many samples of glass along the way. She even saw the large furnaces where they melt the glass and then crush it into small pieces. Apparently she was very entertaining to Lora's bosses and she sat herself down in the middle of the floor with her dinosaurs and ponies and got them to come sit on the floor and play with her. 

Lora then met us for lunch and Bee happily told us about her day at work and showed us the many presents that grandma had given her. Her glass samples were organized into small plastic cases. She calls them her 'minerals." Over the course of our trip and after several more visits to grandma's work, she ended up with about ten pounds of the stuff. It, unfortunately, somehow did not make it all back with us. We have lots though and she makes sure to show her friends and she has even shared pieces with them.  On one walk that we took with Jenny we planted the glass pieces on the ground as we were walking and Bee would excitedly pick up each piece and place it into the bag I was holding. I would then, unbeknownst to her, pick it out of the bag and throw it a few yards ahead of us for her to find again. This was a great 'Easter egg' hunt and she could not have been more excited.She also is always scouring the ground now and looking to collect more 'minerals.'

Benjamin's grandparents stayed an extra day in town after Layne's high school graduation to see us. They took us to lunch at Burgerzz Exprezz. It was so great to see them. After lunch they came over and we had a fun afternoon catching up. Grandpa told us fun stories and grandma let Bee show her how to uncover the dinosaur tracks on the phone. We really wanted to visit them in their home but we were not able to make it to southern Utah on this trip. 

This picture is one of the first examples of how many pictures I failed to take on this trip. I wish we had taken one of all of us together. 

That evening Benjamin, Bee, Denali, and I headed to Bear Lake to spend the night at Christian's cabin. We followed Jenny and Christian there. It felt so good to drive through mountains and to feel the mountain air. I miss living in a desert where the air cools off at night. I'm writing this on a hot, humid day that was 105 degrees at its high. It is 8:30 p.m. and it is still 99 degrees outside.

This is the view from the cabin.

Here is Denali trying to play games late at night. We did not end up eating the yummy pizzas until about nine and then we played games after that. Bee was still going strong, but we started losing Denali and Benjamin. We played scattergories and maybe rook. I love to play games. Jenny brought some dark chocolate covered pomegranates that were delicious. I had to count out how many I ate to keep myself from eating the entire bag. In my defense, I had not had chocolate in a while. We ate so many that we had to buy her another bag. Somehow that bag went back to grandma's with us when it wasn't supposed to (I did not do it!) and they all got eaten.
 Denali got up with the early riser and they watched cartoons while the adults slept in. Vacations are wonderful. I have felt so much healthier getting to sleep in every morning. I was so spoiled on this trip to have so many willing babysitters. By the end of the three weeks Denali was not as willing. At one point she offered to watch Bee for most of the entire day as long as I kept Bee out of her room so that she could sleep in the next morning.

Seriously, this cabin was so beautiful and relaxing and the view was perfect. 

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