Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fun at the Cabin

While at the cabin we played, ate, relaxed, and played, ate, and relaxed.

Christian created a slide out of the staircase and the smaller people especially enjoyed sliding down. The braver people (i.e. Christian) even enjoyed going down surfing style.

We then repurposed the cushions into a fort. The girls all hid inside while Christian pretended to be a dinosaur outside. He would roar and shake the walls. Bee was thrilled and really had fun.

The flashlight was a hit in the fort as well.

We also had a smashing/wrestling match.
Bee brought all of her 'minerals' and proudly displayed and organized them for everyone. She cherishes these.

This slide was custom built by Christian and his father and it was Bee's favorite part. She even wanted to be out on it at 11:00 p.m. That's a pretty impressive feat for a slide, considering she usually avoids them in general. She talked most of us into going out to see her slide.
  It was colder outside than we had hoped and we had experienced a few sprinkle showers while we were out. Undeterred, we went to a small beach on the lake and played in the sand. We brought plastic cups and plates to help us dig but they were unable to withstand the pressure and failed us. Christian and Denali still managed to dig a substantial hole. Bee built several sandcastles. She spent most of her time looking for sea shells. We found lots and lots of small round shells. She used them to decorate her sandcastles and then she started collecting them in cups.

Here I think that she is pretending that this branch is her dinosaur tooth.

When they finished digging their hole, Denali decided to sit in it. Then I proceeded to bury her in the sand.  It did not take long and she seemed to enjoy it. Bee was upset. She said that she had wanted to live in that hole.

Dirt tan. She had sand in everything, and I mean everything.
 It warmed up after that and we decided to spend an hour at the cabin community pool. Thanks to Jenny and Christian for spoiling us all day. Denali, Abigail and I spent an hour swimming around happily in the pool. Bee especially enjoyed the kiddie pool where she could touch and float around while walking with her hands. This swimsuit was a little big on her and kept falling off. I was proud of how brave she was. I was attempting to make her swim without her floaties and trying to help her learn to swim. I also loved being in the water. I love swimming and would love to own a pool. I am not particularly interested in the upkeep of a pool, but I would love the convenience of having one in my backyard.

 We were hungry, sunburned, and tired by this point. Next we went to a famous local place to try the raspberry shakes. I also ordered a turkey avocado sandwich, which was fabulous beyond belief. The fries were excellent as well. So much for my diet. Eating healthy on this trip proved to be a challenge. There were so many delicious options. I tried to compensate by exercising most days.

After lunch Ben, Denali, Bee, and I drove back through the canyon to grandma's house where we relaxed all evening while grandma entertained, or was entertained by, Bee.

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