Monday, July 2, 2012


We took advantage of the cool weather to hike around our campground. Everything was beautiful! Bee proved to be a great hiker this trip, although we also carried her quite a bit. 

 She did lots of theorizing and hypothesizing on the trip. It was fun to see her think about her world. We saw lots of black tree limbs on the ground and we made hypotheses about why they were black. Her dad kept pushing her to think about how she could test her hypotheses. She was very interested. The whole hike reminded me of a quote from her favorite television show: "get up and get into nature, explore and make your own discoveries."
Her dad was so patient with her and took her on lots of detours to see things of interest like water skippers.
 At the top of the hill, Utah has mountains, here we only saw hills, we found the most picturesque tree. Our photographs don't do it justice. It was lit perfectly by the sun and was surrounded by a a thick layer of bright green moss.

 Bee called it the "special tree of magic."

We like hiking and need to find more places where we can do it often, if only we had mountains. Somehow we managed to avoid getting touched by the poison ivy on this hike. I was pretty paranoid about it. I put Bee in long pants and socks and shoes. Ben and I were less protected, but we were not as reckless.

We arrived at our campsite unscathed and had fun relaxing all evening. She had lots of fun building her 'paradises' and playing with flashlights. We stayed up late, cooked marshmallows, rested, and then all slept well in the tent until morning.  I always toss and turn in a tent and I hate it when I need to use the restroom in the middle of the night while camping. The bathroom was about fifteen campsites away and it was dark. This was our most successful attempt yet at getting Bee to fall asleep quickly in the tent. The solution: wear her out and put her to bed late.

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