Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vacations Begin

Our summer vacations included a three week trip to our home state of Utah. Benjamin talked me into flying instead of trying to tackle the 1,670 mile drive. I was willing to drive in order to bring down costs, but Ben talked me out of it. I'm mostly glad. Flying was a lot easier and quicker. The flights were delayed by several hours because of bad weather in Dallas. We didn't miss our connection and Bee played happily with all the fun surprises I had bought at the dollar store ahead of time. I got some exercise by walking up and down the terminals and Benjamin read his scriptures and other articles on his phone. We are those parents now. The ones that are next to their child but are often busy on their phones while she plays by herself by their side. Sign. Smartphones are so addicting. Our departing flights were in the morning and we arrived in Salt Lake by dinner time. Jenny and Denali met us at the airport and took great care of us. After a quick stop at Wendy's for dinner, we began the trek home. Bee happily entertained herself for the long drive. Denali did not seem to mind.

Lora had the entire basement suite set up for us. I was so impressed by the all the many many hours of work she must have done to rearrange everything for our visit. They were so kind to set up a private room and bathroom for us and a special bed for Bee. They thought of everything and it was nice to have a place to call home during our three week stay in Utah. My only complaint is that I am not very good with cold and even in the summer, basements in UT are cold. I wore sweaters and socks a lot of the time. Bee did not seem to notice or mind. Even Benjamin donned his sweatshirt a time or two.

I think that there are still some stickers stuck to the roof of Grandma's car. Sorry.

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