Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 17-20 of Utah Trip

Yep...we still have more to go. We spent three weeks visiting family this summer.

Sunday: We attended church at Benjamin's mothers ward and loved seeing some of his friends that he hadn't seen in a while. People were very kind to us.

Karolyn came to Logan to visit and we all had dinner and played games at Kyle and Amy's. We left the baby child with grandma and were able to talk and play. Thanks to the Croppers for feeding us again.

By Sunday night both Denali and Abigail started feeling sick. Benjamin and I had planned on hiking on Monday morning, but in the end I had to leave daddy home with Abby. She was worn out and here are some pictures he took of her seeping on him. He worked all morning while she rested by him. Good thing we didn't try taking her on a long hike up Logan canyon.

Kyle, Karolyn, Brittany, and I all hiked the crimson trail. It was a beautiful morning for a hike and we really enjoyed it. I was worried about rattle snakes, but we didn't see any. Apparently it's a big year for snakes. Eek. Kyle was so sweet and carried our water for us and the snacks. He also spent the hike out of the canyon collecting a beautiful wildflower bouquet for his wife. She was very pregnant and not up to a strenuous hike. She was supposed to play with Abigail while we hiked, but that did not work out.

 Since both Denali and Abigail were sick, we thought that they had the same thing. Turns out we were wrong. Denali's symptoms worsened overnight and by morning they took her into the doctor, who sent them directly to the hospital. Poor girl had to have her appendix removed that same day. Luckily we were in town and were able to run errands for grandma and grandpa while they stayed in the hospital with Denali. She had to sit and wait for hours, all while STARVING, before they finally got to her surgery. All she could think about was food. I brought Abby to visit and some balloons. Crying ensued when she learned that the balloons weren't for her. Denali felt compelled to give one of her balloons to her crying niece. That was very kind of her.

 We relaxed more this week and things were pretty quiet as Denali recovered from her surgery and grandma and grandpa caught up on work.

Benjamin took Abigail to visit his father's grave. He let her write him a note.
Abigail was watching me blog this morning and saw the pictures. She said: "Remember when I drew pictures where daddy's daddy, Richard, who died. He can resurrect and see them."

Katie had fun drawing with chalk to welcome Denali home from the hospital.

She is not really interested in eating the olives....
 Other things that we did that week: We hung out with Jenny & Christian on Sunday night, Katie ate at Firehouse pizza for lunch with Kyle, Amy, & Karolyn, Ben's aunt Tami and family came over one night and we ate Firehouse chicken cordon bleu pasta (divine), Ben and I watched the first Iron man movie for the first time, Katie shopped for a new blouse but did not find anything, Ben and Katie went out to see "Mirror, Mirror" with Kyle & Amy (the boys were not impressed), and then the four of them went to Angie's and somehow managed to "clean the sink." That was one tasty ice cream sundae. We did not think that we'd be able to, but Kyle was determined to finish it. We somehow put away most of it, but we were definitely not licking the sink at the end. I'm still wondering how Kyle stays so skinny.

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