Monday, August 13, 2012

Day Five of Utah Trip

 This morning Bee was still talking about our walk last night. We had decided to take a leisurely walk around the neighborhood in the evening. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed ourselves as we let the dog, Dash run around crazily. He has a lot of energy and was bounding from spot to spot. At one point he got so excited that he ran up and jumped onto Abby’s back and pushed her flat into the cement. She scraped up her knees and hands a little bit, but was physically fine. She complained about it for weeks. I do not know what it is about her and dog incidents while we visit Utah.

Denali spoiled us all morning by watching Abigail. She was a great babysitter. We had a calm morning, went jogging, were able to get ready quickly and then worked on lots of fun projects all morning. It is amazing what I can accomplish with a little uninterrupted time. Benjamin worked on projects for work.

We visited Lyon’s park in the afternoon with Jenny and Denali. We brought some of the “minerals” along and planted them along the path. She loved looking for and finding the glass pieces. It was like an Easter egg hunt all over again.

That night we had many volunteer babysitters again and Benjamin and I were able to go out to dinner and then to The Avengers with Kyle and Amy. Vacationing with family has its perks.

Abigail, Denali, and I met up with Kyle and Amy the next morning at Willow Park. We all toured the zoo and then headed to the playground to play. Kyle is so good at getting down and playing with Abigail and Denali. It's a really small zoo, but it was fun to see the few animals that were there.

She picked some leaves off of the tree and was eating them, she also fed them to Kyle. He tasted one too! 

I'm so excited for them to have a little girl of their own.

He's much more willing that I to get down into the sand.

Look at this cute couple. They were swing together and happily claiming that they were "married". They  have been married for a year and a half and they are definitely still in the honeymoon phase.
We spent a lot of time pretending the bark was water filled with crocodiles.

Denali is a very patient aunt. This little one always seems to prefer being on top of people to sitting by herself.

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