Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Bee was obsessed with dinosaurs for most of this year, although she is now beginning to move past this obsession. She knows her dinosaurs well and can often outperform her father when it comes to knowing the names of obscure dinosaurs, including the stygimoloch and styracosaurus.

While we were Utah our family members went out of their way to encourage this obsession. She received multiple dinosaur figurines, toys, stickers, etc. Denali even made her dinosaurs that could be dug out of clay.

We decided that one of our essential destinations this trip was the Ogden Eccles Dinosaur park. We had taken Denali there many years ago and we were excited to take our little paleontologist wanna-be.

She was thrilled.

It was in the 90s and very hot. I dropped the three of them off and left to go to lunch with a good friend from my mission, Kristy Cazier. It was great to catch up with her life and to meet her little boy. I also enjoyed relaxing in the air conditioning. I was sad to miss Bee’s interaction with the dinosaur statues, but knew that Benjamin would take pictures and video.

After lunch I met up with them again and we explored the museum and the interactive exhibits.

Pretending to be a triceratops indoors near the  robotic dinosaurs. Bee was fascinated by them and did not act scared until ten minutes later when a little girl was hiding behind her stroller refusing to come out.

Denali used her own money to buy food for Bee to feed the birds. She is such a wonderful aunt.

And brave.
Digging for fossils was a big hit.

This create your own dinosaur exhibit was very creative. Each piece had velcro on the back and could be positioned anywhere on two of the walls. Denali spent quite a bit of time her and I was impressed with what she came up with.

Bee was more interested in the dinosaur figurines. While here we  also colored pages, completed puzzles, admired displays, and asked questions of the kind retired teacher.
Great job Denali Skye!

Watch out!

Love these two girls so MUCH! I love how Denali's ponytail is flying in the wind.

Enjoying a Creamie to help with the heat.
Two tired girls enjoy the ride home.

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