Monday, August 27, 2012

Eight is Great!

On our eighth day of vacation we packed up the car and headed south to visit some of Katie's family. On the way there, Benjamin decided that it was essential we stop at a Romney "campaign" event. Romney was flying in for a quick fundraising dinner that only the richest of donors would have even been eligible to attend. Benjamin requested that we stop by the airport to see his plane come in and to maybe shake his hand. In retrospect, we should have skipped this "event" because it was a non-event. We saw his plane and saw him wave out of the window of his SUV, but that was it. He did not even bother to take the ten minutes it would have taken to visit with the ten people that had gathered there to see him. The highlight of the "event" was that the news reporters there had nothing to report on, so they interviewed the people. Benjamin agreed to be interviewed by several different reporters and was even forced to admit to the camera that he was only there for political geekiness and that he does not even support Romney. They also took several shots of Abigail playing in the grass and climbing on the rocks. I heard that we even made it on to the nightly news, although I never saw the actual clips.

Here's what we saw. Second window, not even rolled down. Thanks for the wave, Mitt.

With that 'exciting' adventure out of the way, we continued to Provo where we ran some errands, got some groceries, and then head to a park to meet with some of Katie's siblings and their families. Her cousin Robert came as well. We wish that we lived closer to Abigail's cousins. It was so fun to watch her interact with them. They are all so precious.

They just keep growing up!

Karolyn IS amazing!

We had lots of yummy food and enjoyed catching up with everyone.

The cute couple still enjoying their few months left before parenthood.

Apparently I do not have any close-up pictures of Kristy. She must have been camera dodging all night. I know I was.

Karolyn's good friend Sun (?) joined us and was a fun to talk with.

The little ones were braved and rolled down the steep hill. Some of the braver adults walked down and then proceeded to play croquet. Ben begged out and Katie should have, she has absolutely not skill for this mallet and ball game. The hike back up the hill was quite intense.
We were so glad that several of my family members went out of their way to meet us and to spend a fun evening together with us. Again, I wish we could live closer. Since we do not, we always especially enjoy the times when we can be together.

Karolyn is the sweetest, she is such a fun aunt.
That evening I drove Benjamin to his aunt Janna's in Spanish Fork. I left him there and she drove him to Salt Lake the next day where he began his summer one-week job grading AP Government examinations. Then Karolyn, Abby, and I headed to the middle of nowhere southern Utah to stay with my brother Ken for a few days. I really dislike driving in the dark and think I might need to see an optometrist, I've never actually been to one, about night glasses. It was a little bit stressful, but we made it. Shawn Boardin was up and was excited to see us.

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