Monday, August 6, 2012

Hard Drive Crash

Of course we had become complacent in our file backing up and then one morning, the computer no longer works. The hard drive no longer responds and all data, including pictures, are lost. Gone. It would be an understatement to say that I was traumatized and disheartened. Hence, no blogging for a month. I could also add that I was out of town visiting friends and my fabulous sister for two weeks this month as well. Now to play catch up. Here we go. I think we are still trying to blog about our wonderful trip to Utah back in June.

Sunday morning (day 3 of trip) we attended the Spanish branch that we had attended our first year of marriage. It was great to see everyone and to hear the beautiful Spanish. I miss being around Spanish speakers. It was also fun to accompany Bee to primary. We spent the rest of the day with grandma and family. Sundays and vacations are great!

 Oh, and it appears that a creative soul got a hold of the camera whilst I was busy.

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Lisa said...

Wow Katie you look so cute, i haven't been on your blog for so long, it's great to see that you are still updating it! Abs looks so great too! She is growing up as fast as Chloe is isn't that crazy?

Much love and thoughts for you and your data issues, we have had that happen to it's so heart breaking!