Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nine is Divine!

My brother Ken has many talents. Cooking is one of them. He could be a professional chef and wow his guests with every dish. He told me recently that he no longer goes out to eat because it is too expensive and because he is never impressed with the food. He knows that he could do better at home, and he could.

He spoiled us with a delicious full calorie breakfast.
Somehow he talked us into washing the dishes.

These two were cute together.

 Ken took us in his jeep up a windy, dirt road canyon. He drove very slow over the washboard areas and warned us never to take washboard fast. He said that your vehicle can lose traction. I was gripping the side of the car anyway. A month later his vehicle lost traction on washboard and ended up rolling. Luckily no one was seriously hurt.

 Then he took us to one of his favorite fishing lakes. It was beautiful. I have probably only fished one or two times in my life and I do not remember them. I was suprised, then, by how much fun I had fishing. I ended up catching several small ones, many that were thrown back and a few that we kept and then te for dinner. I also caught a lot of sea weed.

Abigial was pretty interested in the fishing for the first twenty minutes.

She 'helped' reel this one in.

While we were fishing the children played in the dirt and dragged their backpacks around.

I took Boardin and Abigail on a walk around the lake. It was a little bit harder than I expected it to be. Boardin was a crazy bundle of energy. He always chose the hardest route  and then would find an easier route for me to take. They were both so dirty by the end. Boardin was hilarious and I can just imagine that his father was exactly the same when he was that age. At some points he would take his backpack, chuck it across some small stream or valley and then he himself would jump across it. Abigail was a dawdler and needed help in some spots.

Shawn Boardin climbed up by himself  and Abby had to be lifted up. We walked all the way around the lake only to have Shawn ask me if we could go around again. I eventually did take him around again, Abigail was not interested in coming with.
 After hours of fishing, Ken drove us down the mountain and over to another area where he showed us this canyon. Pretty beautiful and very dry. I was dying without the humidity. It's amazing how your body gets used to the climate where you live.

I am pretty sure that these were MY earrings in high school. How she ended up with them, I do not know...and of course they look better on her.

These two are crazy cliff climbers.

At one point we all starting climbing down to explore the canyon. I was scared. I went much further than I normally would have. At one point we reached an area where I did not feel comfortable taking Abby down. I figured that I could get down with her, but I was not sure how difficult it would be to get her back up. I chickened out. Ken called me a chicken and said it was fine. Abby told me that it was fine and that we could handle it. I had made up my mind by this point and I started heading back up, with Abigail in tow. I did not even stay there to watch the others descend. I went all the way back to the top of the plateau and let abby play in trees far away from the edge of the cliffs. I am chicken, but I have never broken a bone.

They descended here and they climbed up onto that opposing mountain. I didn't see it.

 After the crazy cliff climbing adventures, we headed to the grocery store to buy ingredients for dinner. Ken bought some tamales off of a hispanic gentleman selling them in the parking lot.

At another point I came into the kitchen and found this. Thanks Ken for giving my three-year-old a large, sharp (He keeps his knives sharp) butcher knife and then for making her cut up onions.
Coloring with Aunt Karolyn. Shawn Boardin always sat here on  the counter instead of on the chairs.

Karolyn, Shawn, and Abby playing chase.

Abby drew this for uncle Ken. There are two pteranodon dinosaurs and then she wrote out her full name for him. I was so proud.
 Ken barbecued ribs for dinner. It took forever, but it was delicious. The problem was that we had a disagreement about the ribs should be cooked. Ken is a drinker and he always includes some form of alcohol in his sauces. He feels that he has perfected a rib sauce and he wanted to make it for us. We kindly requested that he make the sauce, but that as a favor to his Mormon, non-drinking sisters, he leave out the alcohol. He did, but complained non-stop for hours. It took him an hour to make a barbecue sauce that he was willing to use, even though he was not satisfied with it. He kept adding different spices and things to it. He had about thirty different bottles and jars on the counter at one point. He was so disappointed that he could not use alcohol in the sauce. Poor guy. We really appreciated all of his efforts and thought that the ribs were FABULOUS. He still thinks that we missed out. I guess ignorance really is bliss. We also had potato salada, corn on the cob, tamales, and green salad. I had no idea that Ken liked to eat green salad.

I really enjoyed visiting him and seeing his rustic country life. He was very kind and hospitable and spoiled us all. Abigial now knows what an ice cream truck is.

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