Wednesday, August 29, 2012

On the Tenth Day of....

Karolyn and I arose this day, a Sunday, just in time to make it to Sacrament meeting in the ward building near Ken. The talks were well done and I appreciated the thoughts shared by a mom about listening to warnings and about taking the necessary precautions to protect your physical and your spiritual health. It is always a little bit more of a struggle to make it to church while on vacation, especially when it meant time that I could not spend with my brother. However, I was grateful that I had attended and I felt edified.

After church we headed out sight-seeing again and Ken took us around some very dry canyons and we tried to imagine what it might have been like to live here centuries ago. He took us to see some native american artwork as well as to some top secret goverment testing sites. This place is definitely a desert. One of my favorite parts was when we found a canyon that had a pretty strong echo. We all had fun shouting and then hearing our words repeated. We never saw any of the mountain sheep that are part of apparently a very large herd.

No more sunburn for me.

Abby thought she was in control of the vehicle for a minute. We were on a flat, dirt road in the middle of nowhere.

Old bridge, still pretty sturdy. The rock mountains remind me so much of Utah and of growing up visiting souther Utah.

We pretty much just drove around for hours enjoying the outdoors and looking at the scenery.

For lunch/dinner we ate our fish that we had caught the day before. Abby was so happy.

Ken works night shifts and sadly, we had to leave and head back to Provo on Sunday evening so he could head to work. We really enjoyed our stay with him. He was so hospitable. I miss seeing him and his boy, but I do not miss the dry, dry deserty sand.

I spent the night at Karolyn's apartment and Abby entertained herself with a box...for quite a long time.
"Mommy, I'm hiding...count and then find me."

She also colored in a coloring book and it was the first time that she had the patience to color an entire picture. Well done. Since then she has been coloring up a storm and is now trying to learn to color within the lines.

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