Wednesday, September 26, 2012


During our few healthy days before I had to leave, we tried to run to as many stores as possible. Dallas is a great place for shopping. There were stores everywhere and then more and more and more stores everywhere. We only hit a few. We scored at the local consignment stored and managed to arrive on the everything is 50% off day. I bought eight pairs of pants for around eight dollars. I also found rain boots for Abigail and a bike for $1.50.  I loved that the boys were old enough to watch the children so that we could get out kid-free. That definitely made things easier. We had lots of fun and I enjoyed spending so much time with my older sister. One of the most memorable experiences was when we went to Sam's club first to buy laundry detergent and Kimberly was tempted by the peanut butter m&m's. She ended up buying five large bags of the candies. It wasn't until we got out to the car that we remembered that it was 110 degrees outside and that we had several more stores to visit. She had to carry in the bags to every store to keep them from melting into big blobs of chocolate. At least we did not have the kids too.
The boys spent a lot of their free summer time playing video games. Carter even learned to maneuver the joystick and played pretty well. Abigail liked to watch but was not nearly as interested in playing.

Kimberly was always willing to help the kids.

Carter saw his older brother reading and climbed up next to him to 'read' as well. Is the hobbit too dark for a two-year-old? He seems to be enjoying it. Jeffrey did not know what to do with the toy car that Carter brought up, so he balanced it on his forehead.

Kimberly relished in the girly opportunities (four boys, remember) like doing hair and painting fingernails.

I tried to recreate the hairstyle that Rachel had taught me. It was not nearly as good, but I am learning.

Abigail and I skyped with her father as often as we could while we were there. Here is a photo that we sent to him too. He was missed.

Here is my little traveler.

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Kimberly Wilson said...

Laughing about Carter picking up The Hobbit and "reading" next to Jeffrey. I must have missed that one. We sure loved having you. I will take on any sibling/& spouse/& children who are willing to come our way. : )