Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fun Activities

We went bowling. Kimberly has taken advantage of their local bowling alley's kids bowl free program. They bought shoes for everyone in their family and went often. I agreed to go with them, even though I am a horrible bowler.

He is the cutest. He loved the bowling balls and would carry them around. He probably picked out over twenty balls during the evening and carried them by himself to our seats. It was so cute to see his little frame bearing the weight of a bowling ball. He also was quick to steal your turn if you were not paying attention.

Bowling was old hat to these boys by this time. They had to be reminded when it was their turn to bowl. They were happily entertained with drawing and books and popcorn.

Abigail loved to dance before, during, and after bowling.

Another night we went to a city "movie in the park" night. We first went into the gym and Abigail enjoyed all of the small game activities that were prefect for her age.

She was especially patient as she waited in the long line to get her face painted.

Then she waited in the line again, for ten minutes at least, to get a second painting on her arm.

I love this picture. Silly goose.

 We brought blankets, snacks, and glow bracelets and settled on to the lawn to see Air Bud on the big screen. However, I haven't mentioned yet that Dallas is hot this time of year, a literal OVEN. We barely left the house while I was there. The temperatures were often in the 110F range. Hot. Of course it was cooler in the evenings than at midday, but the projector still was unable to handle the heat and kept overheating. We patiently waited multiple times for the projector to reboot, but finally gave up mid-movie and headed to a local restaurant for some yummy chicken sandwiches.

The kids spent a lot of time running around and dancing on the sides. Abby was much more interested in the glow bracelets than in the movie.

As if the stroller wasn't overloaded enough, Abigail had to run up and jump on adding over thirty more pounds for Kimberly to maneuver. Kimberly, a mother of four, just took it in stride and kept walking except to move over slightly so that I could get a better shot.

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Kimberly Wilson said...

My favorite line. Totally cracks me up: "Kimberly, a mother of four, just took it in stride and kept walking except to move over slightly so that I could get a better shot."