Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Picture Perfect

I randomly took Abigail to the library recently and we ran in to our good friends there. These two girls get along so well and they are always joined at the hip. I love that Abby has a friend so close in age. They spent quite a bit of time running around the library, playing, and barricading themselves in the gazebo rooms. Then we found them reading together with several books they had selected. S. carefully 'read' each page to Abby and Abby paid great attention. It was so sweet to see them reading together and so engrossed in what they were doing that they barely noticed me taking photographs.

These two get to see a lot of each other this year. They are both in the Parents Morning Out program on the same day each week. They also are both part of our joy school and see each other twice a week for that. We usually see them again at our play group on another day of the week. That means they see each other at least four days and usually five days a week. We love little S. so much and love to see these girls play together.

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