Monday, September 24, 2012


Soon after I arrived in Texas, my throat started hurting. I ignored it mostly and assumed that it was a cold brought on by traveling. It continued to worsen, yet I refused to make the efforts to go to the doctor while I was out of my network. My throat hurt so bad that I was not eating or drinking and I finally decided to go to a quick care on Friday morning. The diagnosis was a bad case of strep throat. I bought some soup was sent home with some amoxycillin and also some lidocaine. Kimberly was the perfect nurse. She sent Rob for some Ensure and made me sip at it. She was constantly monitoring my food (or lack thereof) intake. I would alternate every four hours between taking ibuprofen and tylenol. One night she woke me every four hours and gave me my medicines and some Ensure to wash it down. It was so kind of her to take care of me. This was supposed a fun family vacation and here she was stuck pushing Ensure popsicles on me. I really appreciate her taking care of me and taking care of Abigail when I was unable to do so. My only consolation is that I am the only one that was infected, no one in Missouri or in Texas came down with strep except me.
Kimberly took all of the children to the library one day.

 The boys found a baby bird on the ground and gave it lots of attention until Kimberly personally drove it to a wildlife rehabilitation home where it could have its best chance of surviving.

  Abigail loves to harness her "powers" and control the movements of the automatic doors.

These two played together all week. Thank you so much Nathan for playing and playing with Abigail.
I spent a lot of this time in bed or resting on the couch. I wish that we could have done more while I was there. I am so sorry that I got sick. I was impressed with Kimberly and Rob and their ability to go with the flow and to add another child to the mix. Rob even voluntarily took all five children, plus a neighbor, to the park by himself. I loved seeing them. When I started feeling better, we rushed around for my last few days doing as much as we could.


Kimberly Wilson said...

I love these pictures. I really do. The cousins reading at the library, the whole baby bird thing (and Katie had to make dinner, while sick, while I went off an an OCD/ADD adventure tracking down where to take the bird). Abi keeping the convenience-store doors open. . . Such precious pics.

Shelly said...

Cute! Now I want to go to Dallas! I tell you, after four, you don't even notice more kids ;)