Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sister Sister

The drive on Sunday was mostly uneventful except for the first few minutes. We got in the car and were on our way until Abigail reminded me that I had forgotten to fasten her seatbelt. Aah! At least we weren't on a freeway yet. The Blue's Clues episodes that I was finally able to download to my iPod were lifesavers. I did miss my exit once because I was on the phone with Benjamin and the GPS took me through lots of small towns and bumpy roads, but I finally arrived at my destination an hour earlier than they expected me. I love visiting with my sister. She showed so much true love during this trip and she took great care of us. Her family is doing well and it is great to see the boys as they are growing and maturing. She has wonderful children. I loved seeing her and wish that we could be next-door neighbors.

She has the tradition of always getting a picture of me barefoot, in the kitchen with an apron on. I tried to help out with the cooking while I was there, but the truth was that we all missed Ben.

There were so many precious moments like this. Here they are gathered around the iPOD watching Blue's Clues. Life saver, I tell you, life saver.
 We were able to attend their scouting end of summer pool party and had fun there. Bee loves to be in the water, but was a little overwhelmed by all of the big scouts splashing in the pool.

She does really well getting around with the noodles under her armpits.

Apparently the air mattress was just too tempting.

Kimberly was taking care of a friends kitties for the weekend and all of us enjoyed playing with them during the day. They were pretty rambunctious during the night, though.

Kimberly is a social being and we had lots of fun talking and interacting as we did all the things that needed to be done. Abigail learned a lot by interacting and playing with her older cousins. Jeffrey and Bryce were a big help and took care of Abigail several afternoons while Kimberly and I shopped.


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Lonna said...

I just feel so much joy when I know that my children love each other and serve one another.