Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sneak Peak

I am making a birthday quilt for Bee and I am so excited to see it finished. I finished piecing it and just recently finished quilting it. Now I only need to bind it and then to add the embellishments that will go on the top. My friend from church is letting me use her quilting machine. I love it! I used it two years ago to make a quilt for Benjamin. This time I chose to make a heart pattern and it turned out very well.

Disclaimer: Making a quilt is much more expensive than it would be to buy a comforter set in a store. Much more expensive! I hope I will appreciate it once I am finished and that I will fondly remember the time, effort, and money that I spent creating something special for my little girl.

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Shelly said...

And she will have it to cuddle with, forever. Gorgeous!!