Saturday, September 1, 2012

Stay Home or Go out?

Saturday morning Benjamin had his last day of grading. I was exhausted by this time from the two weeks of vacation I had just had. I wanted to just sit around in the hotel room and rest. I took Abigail to the pool again and we stayed in the water for over two hours. It was marvelous. We were both happy about it.
Then we ate some lunch in the room and I had to decide what to do with myself for the rest of the afternoon. I finally decided that I should get up and enjoy the city while I could. I had noticed preparations for a chalk art festival at the Gateway mall when we had been there the day before and decided to go back and see what was going on. I put the little one in the stroller and we started walking...and, of course, she fell asleep.
Despite her sleepiness, I was so glad that we had gone. The festival was huge. I walked along the sidewalk for over an hour just admiring all of the amazing chalk drawings. Here are just of few of the ones that I took pictures of. Really, they were so good.
I loved the bright colors and the black contrast.

The theme was obviously heroes and specifically through the Chalk Art Festival, the goal was to earn donations for the foster program of Utah.

This artist was the first place winner last year. This was his drawing near midday, by evening it was phenomenal.

The lips on these drawings were so lifelike. Impressive.

 When Abby finally woke up, we took her from booth to booth to enjoy the fair. She received lots of free things like chapstick, a beach ball, stickers, pencils, candy, etc. She loved meeting Clifford and wanted to tell him all about everything.

She waited patiently in a very long line to have a clown make her a balloon butterfly. She carried this butterfly around for days. One of the emphases of the festival was reading. They gave out free books and incentives for parents to help their children read more. She also received a "Star Reader" medal, which you can see around her neck in this photo. She is so proud of this medal and she now calls herself a star reader. She also tells us that she needs to work on her 'chore' of reading.

We enjoyed some yummy frozen yogurt to help us cool off. I even walked along all of the chalk drawings again so that Abby could see them. She wasn't as impressed as I was.

We also stopped by the Clark planetarium for a quick jaunt on Mars and then on to the moon.

Sometimes, for me especially, getting out of the house is really hard, but I am usually glad when I make the effort to go to fun places. This was one of those times.

She even sleeps with the medal on.

This one was done by a twelve-year-old. I watched him working on it. I love how it looks like it's under the pavement.

Once Benjamin finished at work, we packed up and headed out. Good bye Salt Lake City. It was back to grandma's again.

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