Monday, September 17, 2012

The Boys

We played at the boys' house several times. Sometimes they get along swimmingly and sometimes they fight non-stop. Little N. gets left out a lot. The older two want to play their make believe games without him, so it's cute to see the two of them playing together here. I especially love when the weather is nice and they will happily play outside for hours.

This one is a monkey and is always on top of something. He can climb up on anything. His upper arm strength is unbelievable.

The three of them climbed up into the window sill to watch a thunder storm and had to pull out my camera it was so cute.

They are so precious.

Sierra and I love it when they play together well. We've been working hard to get her ready for the arrival of her baby girl. The baby's room is coming together and looks really nice. I painted a tree on the wall, helped get all of the vinyl leaves on the wall, helped space and place the vinyl lettering on the wall, put butterflies on the wall, organized some clothes in the closet, sanitized the crib and rocking chair, made the butterfly mobile out of construction paper, and sewed the changing table cover. She definitely puts me to work. I appreciate that she seems to think I am talented. I also helped her make decorations for her son's birthday party. I was pretty proud of how well they turned out, maybe I do have some of the artistic talent, albeit a small moment, that my mother and sisters have.

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