Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wheel of (Mis) Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is one of my favorite shows of all time. I must humbly admit that I am a pretty good puzzle solver. My grandmother and I spent hours and hours watching game shows together and she taught me to complete Fill-it-in puzzles (they're really fun and not hard like crossword puzzles). My family and extended family were boggle players and Ben's family is into scrabble. I've just always loved word games.

Benjamin thinks that I am pretty good at it as well. He actually keeps signing me up on the WoF website, hoping that I would get on the show and win him lots of money. His confidence in me is really sweet.

My turn finally came. I received an email invitation while I was still in UT for an audition. I agreed to go and was excited. I bought a WoF game on my phone and practiced and tried to prepare for the audition. My audition was only a week after we returned from our trip.

The fateful day arrived and we went to a nice historic hotel in downtown Louisville, the Brown Hotel. It seemed surreal, I was just waiting for someone to say that I had been punked.

I had been wanting to color my hair for some time and decided that this was the perfect opportunity. I had my hair highlighted for the first time in my life. It took much, much longer that I had anticipated. The whole aluminum foil in the hair was interesting as well, as was the head warmer.
 I love how it changed the color of my hair. It iss really pretty and I am happy with it.

 The audition was fun, but intense. I did really well on the paper portion. I am a good puzzle solver. I did not do as well on the super peppy puzzle solving in front of everyone. I made the first cut, though, and I was proud of that. There were originally sixty of us auditioning and only twenty of us went on to the second round. I'm pretty sure that my paper test is the only thing that got me that far.

We went back twenty minutes later for the second round and had to continue to clap and smile and cheer. I really tried to be peppy, but I am too serious and focused when I am puzzle solving. They thanked us all for trying out and said that we should look for a letter in the mail. If we did not receive one, then that meant that we did not make the show. They thanked us again and told us that they hoped we would not stop watching their show even if we did not make it on.

I did not receive a letter. Sigh. It's probably better this way....


Stephanie said...

I tried out for WoF, too! I know the "peppy" round and how weird it is. I didn't get picked, either. Which surprises me since I always do better than the idiots on the show. Sorry you didn't get to go and make Ben rich. We'll throw a pity party together, eh?

Shelly said...

Love the hair!!

K-Krew said...

I love your hair! Wish I would have had the chance to see you on the show though.

Kimberly Wilson said...

Not too misfortunate; you got highlights a new wardrobe choices out of it! And it's an experience in itself getting to try out. : )