Thursday, October 18, 2012

Benjamin Is Amazing!

Benjamin loves to teach. He especially loves to teach his daughter things. He surprised me one Saturday by offering to take little Bee for the afternoon. He created a scavenger hunt and then took her to a wildlife refuge park. He had her take pictures of the things off the list when they found them. She had so much fun.

I am pretty sure that he dressed her himself. He has two go to t-shirts when it is his opportunity to dress her. This is one and the yellow Centre one is his other.

He also was ambitious and decided to attend the Dayton, OH Irish festival while I was out of town in Dallas. He rented a car and drove up by himself. He especially enjoyed the food and the music.

He came home with this little donkey, a souvenir from his favorite band at the event.  I am ashamed to admit that  Abby knows several of their songs very well.  Benjamin is pretty proud of her.

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