Friday, October 19, 2012


We had our MOPS registration night in August. We rented a bouncy house and let the kids play their heart out. The national theme this year is PLUNGE! and we have tried to plan all of our activities accordingly. 
One of the moms brought her amazing dog with her and Abby wouldn't leave this sweet dog alone all night. I want this dog. She was so calm and so well behaved and so patient with Abigail.

Who could say no to blue jello?

We gave each child a square of tinfoil and gave them the challenge of forming it into a boat. The goal was to see how many pennies your boat could hold.
 In August I also threw a baby shower for my friend Sierra. I went all out with the decorations and the butterfly theme. It was a fun party, but I was glad when it was over. I got all of my ideas off the internet and I made Sierra use her Cricut to cut out all of the butterfly designs for me. She was a good sport and put a lot of time into her own shower.

This was my attempt at a butterfly cake. I got the idea from many different google images and then I watched this video for inspiration. It turned out better than I expected but not as cute as I had originally hoped to make.
I do not know why this picture is sideways, sorry. I copied the tutorial found here to make these mobiles. I did not cut the butterflies out by hand, but used the Cricut and used paper card stock instead of felt.

I had never made a 'banner' before and was extremely please with how it turned out. I accidentally spelled the baby's name wrong, but her mom decided to change it to this spelling later anyways, phew!

I punched holes in these Cricut cut butterflies and then strung them on a string. I attached the balloons to the ceiling with tape.

I left the decorations up for days as I felt that they really brightened up my house. I still have a butterfly mobile hanging up in my dining room.

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Kimberly Wilson said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Amazing, Katie. See if you can get us those two pics right side up, and close-ups of the mobiles and part of the banner. Did you sew the banner or do it with paper? So, so cute!