Wednesday, October 24, 2012

First Day of Joyschool

My mother always took a cute picture of her children in front of the door on their first day of preschool. Here is mine:
My mother made this dress for me and she braided and curled my hair. 

I tried to take pictures of Abigail in front of the door, but I did not like how they turned out. We moved to the tree and the stairs and I was pleased with the results. My little girl is growing so quickly. She won't start preschool until next year, but she is attending our co-op school and she is learning a lot. She shows a lot of interest in letters and can sound out several words. She has already started independently sounding out and then reading words that she sees around her. I hope she grows up to love reading.

She loves this tree and always pretends that it  is a house, the small branch there serves as the door.

I love her and I love how she always tells me that she loves me.
This is another picture of me at three, scanned from the same scrapbook  page. I don't see myself in her. I sure was cute, though.


Jansen Family said...

I love it! Seeing pictures from when you were a kid is awesome! Abigail is seriously adorable! I tried to take a picture of Kaia on the first day of school, but I couldn't get her to hold still...I might still put it up anyways! ;)


Tawnya said...

Love the pictures of you! And she is too cute!