Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kentucky BBQ Festival

This project, of her own make, lasted hours and hours and days and days. She was so focused on it until she completed it. I had several scraps of card stock that she took and cut into small pieces (good scissor practice). Then she colored each piece in completely. When that was finished, she turned all of the pieces over and colored the other side. She never used these for anything, I even tried to get her to glue them together to make a collage, she just enjoyed the process. I taught her to color with a paper underneath so as to protect the table and trays and she was very dutiful to do so.

Abigail and I attended the Kentucky BBQ festival and enjoyed the petting zoo, the crafts, and the games. She had a variety of cute images to choose from for the wand craft, but she chose a ghost and she markered the entire thing purple. She loved that little ghost.

At least she didn't ask for a ghost or a Frankenstein on her cheek. :)

This year she did not dance as much as she had the year previous.

For $5 there was an unlimited pass for the bouncy houses. There were several to jump in and it was  five dollars well spent.

Hear she is dancing and moving while waiting in line for the slide.

The children are required to wear socks in these thing, which is great for hygiene, but difficult  for traction. Last  year she struggled to make the climb, but she did not have any difficulties this year.

On a side note: Benjamin is such a dutiful father. He is always teaching Abigail things and she loves spending time with her. I caught them reading books on the front porch and I had to snap some pictures.

These two are the loves of my life.


Tawnya said...

That looks like so much fun!

Kimbooly said...

Awww. What a wonderful family.