Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mommy School

The first day of joy school went well and the girls are extremely excited for school this year.

I wanted to make a "helping hands" job chart for the girls and I did so by having Bee make the hand prints for me. This worked out great and these were the best hand prints she's made yet. I then cut them out and laminated them.

Here was my inspiration photo for the project.

 My turn to teach finally came. I focused on the letter 'c' and had so much fun. I began with centers and had the girls rotate. The center on the left is a sensory bucket. I filled it with dry beans and rice and the hid small green gems (or Crystals) throughout. Their job was to 'collect the crystals.' This sensory bucket provided Abigail with hours and hours of entertainment. She loved it. It entertained even older children (7 & 11) when they were at my house for the weekend several weeks later. I even enjoy feeling the different textures and playing in the bucket.

The middle tray was called 'sort the cookies.' The paper cookies had colored chocolate chips. Some were red, others blue, and still others green. The girls then used a spatula to sort the cookies into the appropriate colored plate. Abby had painted the plates ahead of time. I found the idea on this blog and made the cookies in adobe photo shop. The third tray was for cutting practice and was called 'cut the clay.' They had a ball of play dough and some scissors. So simple, yet so entertaining for them. I also get a lot of my ideas from and

I found my snack idea through pinterest ( I used my experience from the Montessori classroom to know to write a number by each snack and to have the students count them out themselves. They were especially excited to count out five chocolate chips.

'c' foods: cheese, celery, carrots, croutons, chips, & crackers.
To add some physical activity to the day, I spread out plastic and glass crystals and plastic pirate coins throughout the family room. The girls then had a paper bag to collect. I used a timer and had them collect one object during each time period. Then they would check off on their bags what they had collected. They really enjoyed this.

On the second day we had these cream cheese cars as part of our snack. One of the girls has a peanut allergy or I would have used peanut butter. These were delicious, but the girls were not interested in them.

Coloring on the chalkboard.

Letter C hand painting.

I had them form the letter (the paper had a plastic cover) with the clay. They were very helpful with each other.
I have so much fun with these three girls. They are great and they are learning so much. I love to hear them pledge allegiance to the flag and to see them show interest in their colors, their numbers, and art. However, I am also excited to have a few weeks off before it is my turn for mommy school again. I do not know if you noticed in the pictures above but I have put a lot of effort into coloring, cutting, and laminating a lot of my visuals.

We also made cats similar to this one.
Miss Maren's Monkeys Preschool: Letter C - Tues 09/28/10

My informal lesson plans:

*****Cookie: practice sorting cookies with a spatula, feed the numbered cookies to the mouse
*****Sensory bucket: just for fun. Rice & beans with cups and funnels.
*****Clay: play with clay and cut it.

Introduce Letter C: Show the children the Letter C poster (page 28). Trace over the letter with your fingers. Ask the children to do the same. Trace the letter C in the air or use personal wipe-off boards. Make a letter C basket that includes several items that start with the letter C.
Enunciate the C sound when identifying the items. Ask children to repeat or name the items in the basket. Ask the children what other items could be put in the basket.

Books: C is for Clown, If you give a mouse a cookie, Cookie’s week, I like colors w/cd. Have out some color books to read on their own.
Collage: put things on the letter c to fill it in.
Cat: c is for cat
Collection: collect things outside: aCorn, coins, crystals, candy?
Introduce GREEN

*****Crystals: transfer crystals with slotted spoon.
*****Craft: Coins are circles. Coin rubbings and tracings. Trace around coins to make circles. Place coins under paper and rub crayons over coins to see impressions and more circles.
*****Table activity: Clipping letter C’s. Print letters on several index cards, including several with the letter C on it. Provide clothespins and ask children only to clip the cards with the letter C. on them.

Cookie: If you give a Mouse a cookie, book and activities from:

Craft: C is for caterpillar card (page 39). Print out card and color or use as template to cut foam letter C. Provide several colored circles, or older children can trace and cut their own using cans. Glue on googly eyes and pipe cleaner antennae.

Circle time activity: C phonics, C is for clap. Read aloud the following words and ask the children to clap every time they hear a word that starts with the letter C and makes the hard C sound:
Cat, dog, couch, boy, girl, cookie, toy, doll, banana, train, hat, crunchy, crayon.
Hand painting: the letter C
Chalk: color with chalk
Color: color on the house or color on coloring pages, green coloring book.
Paperclips: have squares with colors / numbers on them. Call out a color or number and have them put a clip on it.
Clay: trace the letters on whiteboards, then cover the letter with clay
Cooking Friday: Remove the strings from celery stalks and cut into 3 or 4 in long "logs". Spread peanut butter or cream cheese on the celery sticks place raisins on top in a row for your ants. Add toothpicks and carrot wheels for Ant Cars!


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