Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More Pictures

Picnic at the park. I do love my bike trailer and my precious little girl.

These crates, meant for the preschool, get a lot of mileage.

She posed this one herself.

I drew this Eeyore freehand while looking at a picture. Then I traced it with pen and colored it in. My friend asked me to make it for her son's birthday party. They played pin the tail on Eeyore.

I also drew several different versions of the tail as per the story in the book. I don't know that you can really see them in this picture.

This sweet picture was taken at a playgroup with my good friend Lynn. These three had fun playing, eating, and chatting.

Daddy took Abby for a walk, and these are the photos that he came back with.

Centre and the surrounding community was already starting to prepare for the VP debate. We have newly paved roads, freshly painted buildings, lots of beautiful flowers, and a very spiffed up town.

The college received a large donation to help them install a statue of Abraham Lincoln. Here it was all wrapped up, waiting for the unveiling.

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Kimberly Wilson said...

I love the pic she posed, and I love that her shoes are on backward in at least one of the pics.

And WOW Katie! Good job on your Eeyore skills! I don't think I could freehand like that anymore. I cheat too much with printing pics off the internet and gridding them, etc.